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All About Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row (video)

Philadelphia’s Best Food Trucks

The Jersey Shore Rebuilds After Hurricane Sandy

The Man with the Plan to Save Pennsylvania:  A Profile of Casino Mogul Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn: Shaped by Philadelphia

Steve Wynn’s Method: The Smallest Details Matter

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TV Appearances
These weekly “Biz Bites” video segments are a partnership between The Philadelphia Business Journal and PHL17, a Tribune Co. television station serving Philadelphia.


Back to Nature, Complete With Blisters and a Pile of Tires
We were 35 miles into our two-day, 45-mile backpacking adventure when I hit the crisis point. Giant blisters on my feet were inflicting knifing pain. My backpack could not have weighed more if I was carrying a set of encyclopedias. I felt like Katz, the character in Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods,” who, faced with the rigors of the Appalachian Trail, threw the contents of his backpack off a cliff — pepperoni, rice, a can of Spam. Gone. I, too, was a broken man.
The New York Times – April 2008

A Marathon Support Crew of One
Being a fan is great when you can sit in front of the television or in the cozy confines of a stadium seat. But my wife, Jen, is a marathoner, and I am her dedicated support crew. With Monday’s Boston Marathon, she will have run 16 races of 26.2 miles or longer.
The New York Times – April 2008

Kayaker Meets Challenge in Race for Perseverence
The wind blew steadily out of the northwest. The waves and currents drove at the jagged shore and pounded the narrow boat I had borrowed. Salt spray plastered my face. The oars in my hands jounced up and down, shaking the boat and sending a shiver up my spine. And that was just in the first hour of this year’s Blackburn Challenge, a 20-mile rowing-and-paddling race around Cape Ann, Mass.
The New York Times – July 2007

Quarreling on the BountyFew people ever set out to row across the Atlantic. Fewer still ever consider making such a trip with someone whose company they can barely tolerate.But that is what John F. Zeigler, a 54-year-old food wholesaler from Secaucus, did in the 2001 Atlantic Rowing Challenge, a 2,900-mile race from the Canary Islands to Barbados.
The New York Times – August 2004

Beyond Malls and Toll Roads, the Pine Barrens’ Peace
We were paddling an aluminum canoe under a canopy of trees on a narrow river that wound through cedar-smelling woods and swamps. The banks were mossy and dark. It could have been the Bayou or parts of the Everglades. But this unbroken forest, one of the largest on the East Coast, was within an hour of Philadelphia and two hours of New York City, in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
The New York Times – September 1999

Weekend Warrior; Stalk a Hummer? Well, Don’t Hum
I’ve always been attracted to land’s end, the wild landscape where a rugged cape or promontory falls into the sea. Cape May County in New Jersey is such a place. Within three hours of New York and two of Philadelphia, the lower peninsula of New Jersey is proof you don’t have to drive far to feel far away.
The New York Times – August 1999

Winter and the Temperature’s Down? No Matter, the Surf’s Up!
For me, the essence of surfing is the quest for the rare summer wave: the gleam of morning sun on an August swell, the wafting scent of wild roses and cocoa butter, a water temperature of 70 degrees. Never mind that 100 surfers may have had the same idea.
The New York Times – March 1999

The Elusive, and Tasty, Beach Plum Jelly
The makers of beach plum jelly don’t find their main ingredient on supermarket shelves. These cooks court danger, foraging over windswept dunes and fragile beach banks, warding off ticks, poison ivy, chiggers, craggy bushes and even cranky landowners.
The New York Times – November 1998

Interview with Terry Martin
Terry Martin is a California surfer/shaper who has worked for Hobie Surfboards since 1963. He has shaped an estimated 70 thousand boards for everyone from 60s legend Corky Carroll to Tyler Warren. We recently caught up with Terry to learn more about his life of surfing and shaping.
Liquid Salt – April 2010

Interview with Michel Junod
Michel Junod is a California surfer/shaper from Santa Cruz. He started shaping in the 1960s, and for 4 years he lived on the North Shore where he honed his big-wave skills at Sunset Beach. He recently starred in Thomas Campbell’s latest film The Present, alongside Alex Knost. At 61 years old, Michel is still charging.
Liquid Salt – October 2010


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